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Raising funds to launch 100 careers in the built environment
UCEM celebrates its centenary year in 2019. For the last 100 years, UCEM has delivered education and training to over 150,000 students worldwide to support their development and careers in the property, land and construction sectors.

To mark our centenary, UCEM is delighted to announce the launch of a UCEM Centenary Fund, designed to raise money to help an additional 100 students embark on a programme of study with us and access or progress their career in the built environment.

Eligibility criteria
The awards will be made during 2019/2020. Eligibility for awards from the UCEM Centenary Fund will be assessed on:

academic ability

demonstration of commitment to entering the surveying profession

financial need

Applications for UCEM Centenary Fund awards are open to both UK and international students considering a programme of study with UCEM at any academic level. All applications will be considered by the UCEM Bursaries Working Group.

The first awards will be made to students starting their programme in autumn 2019.

Giving back
This is your opportunity to help someone to start or progress their career in the built environment.

Why not donate £100 to mark 100 years of UCEM?

£1,125 will pay for the cost of a student's first module.

“Words cannot express how I truly feel about this. I am very touched and grateful. Please convey this to the Bursary Working Group that I really appreciate what they have done and that I am truly thankful.”
Leslie James, UCEM bursary award holder, BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying, Trinidad and Tobago

These are the words Leslie James wrote in an email to UCEM after having been awarded a life-changing bursary that enabled him to study with us. You can read Leslie’s full story on UCEM's blog.

Gift Aid
We would encourage all donors to consider adding ‘Gift Aid’ to their donation to help us raise more money for the UCEM Centenary Fund.

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Select the amount you wish to give

£25.00  Every little helps to ensure a student has the cha

£50.00  Every little helps to ensure a student has the cha

£100.00  Why not donate £100 to mark 100 years of UCEM

£1125.00  Will pay the cost of a students first module

£2250.00  Will pay the cost of a students first two modules

£4500.00  Will pay for year 1 of a part-time student

Total donations: £2,795.00

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I hope this small amount helps support a future alumni member to achieve her/his goals and career within the Built Environment.

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Well done all at UCEM in this special year.



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