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On July 25th, Beth Fletcher from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, attempted to cycle 200 miles in 24 hours in a bid to raise £17,500 to pay for her autistic son to receive life changing treatment. Unfortunately after 79 miles and 11 hours of cycling non-stop, Beth stopped and collapsed suffering from chest pains – and was taken away in an ambulance.

Luckily Beth is ok and the fundraising continues. The money that was raised went towards her son to the Autism Treatment Centre of America for a week long program. Beth’s four year old son Charlie suffers from autism and currently has limited communications skills.

Beth Fletcher is a photographer living in Staffordshire with her husband Nick and son, Charlie. When Charlie was 18 months old, Nick and Beth became concerned about his lack of speech and inability to communicate. In the 2 and a half years since, Charlie has been diagnosed with autism and struggles to socialise and interact with other children.

The pioneering treatment in America ‘The Son Rise Program’ was developed by two parents who had a severely autistic son. They were told to put him in an institution but instead chose to work with him themselves. Their son, Raun Kaufmann, is now a grown man and CEO of the Autism Treatment Centre of America where the Son Rise Program is taught to thousands of other parents.

Beth said the following,

"I'm really worried that people will think that I didn't complete my cycling challenge for Charlie. He was born in 2010 and was developing well, but at 18 months he hadn't started to speak and was not interacting with others. After months of speaking to doctors and trying to get help, we were told that Charlie had autism.

It has been so depressing at times as we have been fighting to get some help but kept getting nowhere. My husband would come home to find me crying on the floor because I wasn’t getting anywhere."

She continued,

"All I know is that I pushed my own limits during the challenge and went as far as I could go. The treatment that Charlie received and what I learn't, about how to help my son was priceless."

Beth and Charlie's fundraising journey will continue for many years ahead, even if they go over target, donations are very much welcomed and appreciated.


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Jan 23, 2017

John and Frances

We have been so inspired by Heather's passionate commitment to this cause. Sorry we cannot be with you on 18 February

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Dec 23, 2016

Sam Withers

Mar 27, 2016

I've been following you and Charlie on Flickr and your story has touched me. My wife and I have fostered autistic and troubled children in the past and I admire your commitment to him.

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Mar 02, 2016

Big thanks to TESCO Ashby and all their generous customers x

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Dec 24, 2015

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Nov 30, 2015

Stevie's Christmas Card Money


Nov 27, 2015

Soul Night Ticket Sales/Raffle/Auction


Nov 11, 2015

Kasper Schmeichel Gloves - Auction


Nov 09, 2015

Well done mum, you've got this!x

Nov 03, 2015

Lindsey's Coffee Morning



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