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Little by little, a little becomes a lot                           November 23rd 2018  

So, over the next week, four junior PFC Ethiopia Ambassadors, aged between 8 and 11, will be having a life-changing adventure. Joshua and Jack from Holy Trinity School in Cookham and Sam and Nasser  from The William Hogarth School in Chiswick will all be fundraising for two educational projects in Ethiopia – Gende Tesfa School  and Debre Berhan School. This is the first time that the children have been to Ethiopia.

I am Joshua and Jack's mum and I have been helping an amazing charity called PFC Ethiopia for the last five years. It helps children in poor communities in Ethiopia and has had a huge impact on the ground.  I have visited the community of Gende Tesfa in eastern Ethiopia on two occasions and I carry those memories with me wherever I go. I met children who were going to school on an empty stomach and others who didn’t even make it to school because their families were just trying to survive. But despite having so little, I was struck by how happy the kids were and how much we could learn from them.

After my first visit to Gende Tesfa in 2015, I remember feeling very emotional when I got home. I told my family about what I had seen and my eldest son Joshua suggested organising a fundraiser and since then we have had lots of wild and wonderful events, and the community of Cookham has raised around £30,000 for this project. We now have around 40 PFC Ethiopia Ambassadors. We are so grateful to everyone for their support. Amazing!  Since then, The William Hogarth School has established a friendship link with Biruh Tesfa School in Debre Berhan.

But this project is not just about raising money – it’s about reciprocal learning and understanding. It is about our children building a better future for each other. Today we’ll be taking letters from both schools and delivering them to children in Ethiopia. Our boys are hoping to learn how to make toys from recycled materials and perhaps how to cook some injera.

We hope that Joshua, Jack, Sam and Nasser will be able to share their experiences with you all over the next week. Do share their posts. and help them. There is still much that needs to be done on the ground. If you can, please make a donation and support the two breakfast clubs at Gende Tesfa School and Debre Berhan School.

Thank you so much!

Sarah, Damian, Joshua Jack, Caroline, Sam, Ana and Nasser.

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Sarah Parfitt



Merry Christmas to everyone at Gende Tesfa School from the Media Hub!

Shannon Phillis


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Such a great cause!! x






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Es un proyecto fantastico! Bravoooooooo por estos chicos solidarios!!



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All the best!



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Well done boys, thank you for doing this! Muy bien Nacito!!

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Well done all - have a great trip !


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