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Help us to improve this unique theatre and cinema in Wallingford.

We now have a building that is dry again and will be warm, comfortable and with the potential to serve Wallingford into the 21st Century. 

We now need to move onwards and upwards!

With voluntary staffing and management the organisation returns a surplus which goes into our reserves ready for improvement projects. For example, we were able to contribute over £200,000 towards the roof project from ticket sales in the past few years.

But to ensure that every customer wants to return to the venue, we must keep up with the latest technology so that the Corn Exchange provides a great experience.

We currently need  some money to complete a further list of improvements.

To give you an idea of how much it costs to improve some of these services:

A new stage will cost about [b]£50,000 which will have a new surface, trap doors and a revolve. This will allow new productions to be undertaken.[/b]

Lighting rigs with the latest environmentally friendly and economic LED systems and moving head lights will cost around £60,000

Electric winches to raise and lower the cinema screen and lighting bars, making us compliant with modern health and safety legislation will cost about £50,000

Dolby ATMOS system, giving us the quality of sound we need to compete against other cinemas. This currently costs around £50,000

New auditorium lights showing the original architectural features of the building, working lights for the preparation of shows and mood lights for audience entrance and performances will cost about [b][i]£20,000[/i][/b]
A replacement cinema screen and digital projector will cost about [b][i]£50,000.[/i][/b]
New wireless headsets for the technical crew will cost about [b][i]£10,000[/i][/b]
We also want to improve access facilities for people with mobility, sight and hearing difficulties.
We need to give the facade of the building some attention.

Help us secure the future of this unique theatre and cinema in Wallingford.

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Roger Dewell


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Here's to the next phase!