Delicious Fundraiser Cookbook

Please donate £20 or more to Vision Care for Homeless People. As a thank you, we will send you a complimentary copy of Volume 1 of the delicious CHARITABLE BOOKINGS Signature Dish recipe book. Every £20 pays for an eye examination.

Christmas is coming so how about getting a book for yourself and some as presents for friends or family? The recipe book contains 50 delicious recipes and a unique code which unlocks a further 250 mouth-watering dishes from leading chefs.

Corrected vision is essential for confidence, skill building, accessing benefits, finding accommodation, finding work or just surviving in a high risk environment. Your generous donation will enable homeless and vulnerable people in the UK to receive essential eye care.

For EVERY additional £20 in a donation you are kind enough to make we will send you another cookbook for you to gift on to your family, friends and colleagues.

Select the amount you wish to give

£20.00  1 copy of the recipe book - pays for 1 eye exam

£40.00  2 copies of the recipe book - pays for 2 eye exams

£60.00  3 copies of the recipe book - pays for 3 eye exams

£100.00  6 copies of the recipe book - pays for 5 eye exams