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Help us unlock £15,000 funding!

Growing plants… and a brighter future in Craigmillar

Life can be tough for people living in Craigmillar, one of Scotland’s most deprived communities.

People living here are more likely to experience unemployment, debt, social isolation, poor physical and mental health. There’s intense pressure on health and social services and more cuts are coming, just as the need is increasing.

Local projects that help empower people to improve their own lives and the wider community are more important than ever.

Growing hope: Craigmillar Community Grows

Together with local partners, we are supporting community gardens and growing projects in Craigmillar that help people to lead healthier and happier lives.

Community gardens and growing projects do so much more than grow plants and vegetables… they grow friendships, self-esteem, skills and opportunities.

Community gardening activities are a powerful way of bringing people together to learn, work and enjoy their time as a team. It’s a well-established fact that these activities can also significantly improve the health and wellbeing of people with mental health issues and other serious challenges.

And beautiful flourishing gardens and greenspaces across Craigmillar will make the neighbourhood better for everyone!

Can you help us unlock £15,000 funding?

The good news is that a major Scottish trust are happy to support the Craigmillar Community Grows project with a grant of £15,000 a year. But there’s a catch. We have to match this amount by fundraising another £15,000 before the trust will unlock their funding.

If we can’t do this, we won’t get the funds. Can you help with a donation today?

Rest assured – if we aren’t able to reach our target, your donation will still go towards helping the community in Craigmillar through other Carr Gomm projects. So either way you will help make a real difference to people’s lives.

Growing community projects

For some time, we have been supporting a variety of community gardens and growing projects run by local groups for local people in Craigmillar.

Local groups have the land, the tools and the desire to garden and grow together; now they need our ongoing support to make their projects bloom.

Our small team know how to work with local people to plan and develop their projects. They understand what it’s like to experience poverty, ill health or isolation and they know how to support people to overcome these challenges.

With your donation, our team can continue to support the local community in Craigmillar to achieve their goals. At a time when more cuts are coming to health and social services, your donation could make all the difference.

Carr Gomm – supporting people and communities across Scotland

We are a leading Scottish social care and community development charity. Everything we do is shaped by our core values of choice, control, interdependence, openness, honesty and respect.

We currently support more than 1,700 people across Scotland and we’re working with a range of communities, empowering local people to create positive change and improve their wellbeing.

We know how to support people and communities to change their lives for the better. We just need to raise the funds to make it happen.

Please dig deep and help us grow hope.

Thank you.


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£25.00  Could help more people like Fiona to feel at home

£50.00  Could help foster community pride

£100.00  Could help more people like Kenny back into work

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Happy gardening!

Morag Gray


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Good luck. Healthy food and great community. Two of the most important things for wellbeing.



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Good luck and hope the weather is kinder!






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Maureen Child


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Great project!



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This is a fantastic Community Development project



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