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Help us to honour Elsie Inglis

“While Elsie Inglis is honoured widely in Serbia where she supported the war wounded, her story remains relatively unknown in Edinburgh. As we come together to mark 100 years since her death, this is our opportunity as Elsie’s home town to recognise the significant contribution she made as a medic, as a suffragist, and as an inspirational citizen of this city.

“I am calling on the businesses and citizens of Edinburgh to help us create a new tribute, one which recognises all that Elsie achieved and what she has stood for in the century since she died. A statue of Elsie which stands tall for at least another century to come.

“All of us want to see some distance made towards re-addressing the gender balance of the monuments which adorn our streets. To me and I’m sure to many others, a statue of Elsie Inglis – the war hero nurse who ‘refused to go home and sit still’ – would be a fitting start.

“For generations, the people of Edinburgh have in their grief or gratitude, joined forces to create sweeping and beautiful memorials for those they admired. I hope this will become another one of those moments in history.

"Please help us, help Edinburgh, give Elsie the honour she deserves."

Lord Provost, Frank Ross

President of the OneCity Trust

This campaign is just the first step

"It’s an embarrassing time to be a man. We should feel ashamed that the boardrooms of our major corporations are stuffed full of blokes. We should be red-faced that gender pay inequality is a long way from being solved. And shocked and appalled at the number of men who use power as a means to harass and attack women.

"In Edinburgh there is another embarrassment that stares men in the face – and perhaps few even notice. That is the men honoured in stone. All over the Capital there are statues marking key individuals from the city’s past. But where are all the women?

"In fact, the Capital has more statues of animals that it does of women. Greyfriars Bobby, Bum the Dog and Wojtek the Bear to name three. And yes, this is 2017.

"Unlike macroeconomic issues around gender pay, this is something we can do something about. After asking readers who should be honoured, the Edinburgh Evening News has launched this campaign to mark the impact of suffragist doctor Elsie Inglis, who was instrumental in setting up the Scottish Women’s Hospitals during the First World War.

"This £50,000 fundraising drive, with Edinburgh-based charity the One City Trust, will secure Dr Inglis the statue she rightly deserve. And hopefully be the first step to honouring many more women in Scotland’s Capital."

Frank O’Donnell, Editor

The Edinburgh Evening News

Who was Elsie?

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Jim F


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Hope this comes to pass!

Patricia L Short


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The story of Elsie Inglis' work during the First World War is one to inspire modern women



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Dave Dick



My lovely daughter Joanna was born, six weeks early in the Elsie Inglis Hospital on 11th June 1986..she is now a mother of two herself. How many thousand stories are there like this..all due to the remarkable Elsie Inglis?



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She made such a mark on this city and country (and other countries), it's the least we can do!



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