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Archcliffe Fort            

Archcliffe Fort as a historic site has been left to neglect and is crumbling and is under assessment for “At Risk Register” by Historic England.  It is owned by the English Heritage and site is leased to Emmaus Dover.  The site is a unique location with amazing views over the port, town of Dover, the English Channel and unique views of the castle.  Giving it potential to be a tourism spot, a place to visit creating an opportunity to connect.  Archcliffe Fort has a history as a military Fort that dates back to Napoleon times. We at Emmaus Dover believe the people of Dover and its visitors should be given the opportunity and we want to look after this combining the opportunity to look after the site as a way to help those struggling in life. 

The main concern

Due to structural issues of old historic buildings and operational buildings on the site, (supporting columns are failing, building has been condemned by structural engineer and needs urgent repairs to prevent serious failure of structure, which is in a dangerous condition to visitors, staff and companions) we have to protect the existing Historic Structure from decline and fund a rebuild of the warehouse and parts of our on-site shop.  As a result of this building work we have come to realise that it is the opportunity to develop the site as a whole to make it a destination for new visitors to explore and enjoy the amazing views and learn about History of Dover and the Fort.

Our Mission for Archcliffe Fort Facility

We build, maintain and care for Archcliffe Fort as a key historical place of interest in Dover that generates multiple streams of revenues and donations to continually increase our capacity to offer current and future Companions a platform on which to build new lives.

 The project has four fundamental aims (which will be delivered through the principle objectives detailed below):

  • Protecting the existing heritage and site structure for future generations
  • Providing a safe refuge, accommodation, support and skills development for homeless people to re-engage with society through the ‘Building a Better Future’ project it will be a ‘game changing’ opportunity for Emmaus Dover.
  • Protecting the Emmaus core social enterprise for the long-term sustainability of the charity on this site.
  • Support development environmental sustainability for Dover District, by reducing waste streams going to landfill.

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