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The Europa school has a proud tradition of science education and we are based in a part of the country where our pupils could potentially benefit from access to some incredible opportunities.

In September 2017, The Europa school will be taking over the management of the whole site and the management of the secondary school. This means that in order to sustain the school, class sizes throughout will need to increase to 28 in secondary as well as primary. The current science labs were designed for around 8-12 pupils in each class and are not fit for purpose.

Whilst there is some funding available from various government schemes to ensure the rooms are safe by modern standards, there is not sufficient to kit the science labs out in the way that we would like in order to be confident that your children are receiving the best possible introduction to science. We want to be able to do more than the basics. We want to inspire them. We want them to dream of future possibilities, to get excited at the prospect of new scientific discoveries.

Will you help us achieve that aim?

The staff have a fantastic track record in this field. If we give our children the modern facilities we would wish for them, the science team can definitely inspire and motivate them.

Follow this link to read more about the European School's achievements in the field of science.

 "I was inspired by being able to carry out the experiments myself, rather than having them demonstrated to me" Ian Fells Emeritus Professor of Energy Conservation, University of Newcastle upon Tyne.


“I was inspired by my firsthand experience of my first chemistry laboratory exercise, in which we 11-year-olds were instructed to make a solution of light blue copper sulphate crystals.” Neil Bartlett, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at Univesrity of Berkeley in California

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£10.00  could pay for 5 petri dishes

£20.00  could pay for laminated periodic tables

£50.00  could pay for 20 sets of safety googles

£100.00  could pay for molecular model kits for students

£250.00  could help pay for a lab bench

£1500.00  could pay for a fume cupboard

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