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Our gorgeous girl sadly passed away on the 11th April. We are all heartbroken, but cannot thank everyone enough for all their ongoing support.

Any money raised using this page will go to supporting Evie's family and friends first and foremost. After this, donations will be used in an unrestricted manner and will be used to continue Evie's Mission of supporting other young people with cancer. Donations will be used appropriately and in close consultation with Evie's family and friends and may include support of other young people, organisations and research, but are not limited to these uses. All the funds raised to date will be securely held until such time that Evie's family and friends can decide an appropriate course of action.

This statement is the last thing we ever wanted to post, but we hope you can understand and appreciate the need for transparency at such a difficult time.


This page is dedicated to raising money for the beautiful Evie Hope Whittaker so she can receive life altering Immunotherapy treatment in Germany.
In 2016, Evie was diagnosed with a brain tumour which left her disabled. The tumour caused Evie to have a stroke, with the side effects causing a left sided hemiparesis, meaning that she struggles to use the left side of her body.
Over the past few years, Evie has received many forms of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to try to kill and shrink the tumour. Although these treatments have managed to suppress the tumour, Evie is no longer receiving treatment and is now seeking Immunotherapy which is being offered in Germany.
Immunotherapy is new form of cancer therapy which works by helping the immune system to recognise and attack cancer cells; essentially triggering an immune response just as your body would normally if you had the flu.
We need to raise £75,000 for Evie to get Immunotherapy. Any amount you are able to donate, no matter how big or small really would be incredible. If you can’t donate, please share Evie’s story and spread the word about our fundraising.
You can follow Evie's Mission here: www.facebook.com/eviesmission
If you work for a company who would able to sponsor Evie or if you can help us with events and fundraising, we’d love to hear from you. Please e-mail hannah.larkin@butterflygiving.org.uk or inbox Evie's Facebook page and #teamEvie will get back to you as soon as possible.
Any support really does mean the world to Evie, her Mum Paula and younger sister, Iona.
Donations are being managed by Butterfly Giving which is a registered charity (Reg #: 1150897) and will be passed on to Paula, Evie’s Mum.

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We didn’t know Evie but the love and strength from her family and friends is inspirational. We are so sorry for your loss.

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You are a wonderful and funny person who always brightens up the department, I wish you all the best 🦄😊



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