Feeding Families 2019


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'Holiday hunger' is a growing issue throughout the UK. We need your help to ensure local children don't go hungry this summer.

As a food bank, The Welcome Centre knows that families on low incomes struggle to make ends meet. In the last 12 months, we’ve supported 1,340 children with food.

When the summer holidays begin, for some families this can all become too much. There are no free school meals available, parents often miss meals themselves so their children can eat, or children go hungry.

What is The Welcome Centre doing?

In partnership with 34 local schools, we have identified those families most in need of support throughout the school summer holidays. 

Double the number of schools have signed up to our project this year, which means our fundraising total is double. This will make sure we can provide all the packs needed across the 6 week holidays.

How can you help?

We want to raise enough funds to ensure each child in need receives a weekly pack. It will contain breakfast, lunch and snacks for what would normally be school days. Each child can have up to 6 packs across the holiday period.

For those families needing further support our regular food bank service is in place. 

This programme is a godsend to our families that struggle financially through the summer holidays. Every family that has a voucher expressed their thanks and gratitude. 

(Teacher from one of the participating schools 2018)

In the event we raise more funds than is spent on stock, the excess funds will be used to provide the same service during the Easter holidays 2020.

Select the amount you wish to give

£8.00  Will provide 1 child with 1 food pack

£24.00  Will provide 1 child with 3 food packs

£32.00  Will provide 2 children with 2 food packs each

£48.00  Will provide 1 child with 6 food packs

£64.00  Will provide 2 children with 4 food packs each

£96.00  Will provide 2 children with 6 food packs each

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