Saving girls from FGM in Tanzania

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Since 2014, Tanzania Development Trust has played an active role in the fight against female genital mutilation (FGM) in rural Tanzania. By donating through TDT, you can support this work and our goal to bring the practice to an end.

FGM on under-18’s in Tanzania was criminalised in 1998, yet 10% of women aged between 15-49 still undergo FGM, with the prevalence in certain Regions ranging between 30% to as high as 60%.  This can bring significant dangers to girls' health, as well as being connected to early forced marriage and other human rights issues. 

Rhobi Samwelly with girls and volunteers at Hope safe houseTDT's work is carried out through support for Hope for Girls and Women (HGWT), founded by the Tanzanian activist Rhobi Samwelly in 2017. Rhobi’s personal experience of being forced to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) as a child inspired her lifelong commitment to fight for the rights of girls and women.

HGWT runs two safe houses located in the Butiama and Serengeti Districts of the Mara Region of Tanzania, which shelter and support those fleeing FGM, child marriage, and other forms of gender based violence.  In the peak 'cutting season' at the end of 2018, Hope sheltered more than 300 girls in danger of undergoing FGM.  Most of these girls are returned to their families after the immediate danger has passed, but for a proportion, safe return is not possible and they must continue to be accommodated at the camps.

Rhobi Samwelly performs anti-FGM outreach workHope also carries out extensive education and outreach programmes, challenging perceptions and traditions to encourage a lasting change in customs. 

Funding is an ever present challenge.  Hope receives no official funding from Government sources, and all its costs are met by voluntary donations and support.   Ongoing costs average more than £1,500 per week.

Whatever you can donate will make a difference.  And every donation receives the TDT promise:  100% of all donations received will be spent on the project.

If you represent an organisation interested in supporting Hope: if you would like to join the International Support Group, or discuss other means of getting involved, please contact Janet Chapman at TDT

Learn more about FGM and HGWT on TDT's website 

Hope for Girls and Women website and blog

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£6.00  feeds a girl for a week

£21.00  buys 7 textbooks enabling girls to continue school

£58.00  pays for rescuing 2 girls in imminent danger

£158.00  pays for FGM prevention training for 20 activists

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