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Last week saw very heavy rain in parts of Malawi caused by a cyclone and this has caused severe flooding. The Lower Shire region is the most badly affected but the Blantyre, Mulanje and Zomba areas also badly hit. Sadly, this means that some of the communities where we work are affected. Tiyamike  was totally cut off as all three bridges are down – at least one was a bridge that Joshua had helped to construct. Ten families moved into Mwandika community-based childcare centre as their houses fell down. One of the classrooms at Chigumukiri Secondary School has been badly damaged. For the Joshua communities, the main problem is houses that are damaged or destroyed so people have become homeless. More rain is expected at the beginning of next week so the flooding may get worse in the short-term. We are in touch with these communities and assessing what help will be required.  We have been able to learn from our response in 2015 where we were able to make most difference as villages tried to get back on their feet and rebuild.  We are assessing need on a daily basis though so other support such as food aid and blankets may be required. We will keep you updated about our response. 

We will need your help - even a small amount can make a big difference to helping these communities rebuild. If we can raise enough, we want to help replace classrooms and reconnect villages with bridges. 

£15 - provides iron sheets and plastic sheeting for temporary shelters. 

£30 - provides enough iron sheets for a family to put a new roof on their home.

£60 - provides materials (iron sheets, nails, wire) for a family to rebuild their home.

£100 - supports reconstruction work across a village.

We will be continually assessing the needs of these villages over the next few weeks.  More heavy rain is forecast this week so they are worried that the situation will get worse before it improves.  

Thank you for your support. 

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£15.00  provides iron & plastic sheets for temporary homes

£30.00  provides iron sheets to roof a family home

£60.00  provides building materials to build a new home

£100.00  supports rebuilding across a village

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Guy and Wendy Braithwaite


£120.00 (+ £30.00 giftaid)






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Sylvia Chuku



I am praying for the people of Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. I hope this little donation will go a long way in helping the affected victims. God bless our world.



£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)



Jo Clarke


£200.00 (+ £50.00 giftaid)

I have now been to Malawi three times and worked on building projects through Hurst college. Thank you for all your hard work providing housing in this crisis.