Focus - supporting local cancer care

Focus is the charitable fund for the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre, raising funds which directly provide extra care, specialist equipment and improvements to facilities for local cancer patients.

Our work in the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre and through clinics in surrounding counties reaches a population of over 1 million people, and the donations we receive make a direct impact on the lives of local people fighting cancer and their families.

Recent donations have enabled us to provide portable devices for continuous pain relief, rise and recline chairs which give comfort to patients receiving chemotherapy and a hands free imaging device called a Veinsite, which helps staff to locate a patient’s veins for treatment.

Donations also make a vital difference to our work in the Focus Research Centre, helping to fund dedicated staff to expand our capacity to offer new research and trials to local people fighting cancer.

By supporting Focus today you can help us to invest in projects which benefit local people fighting cancer. Thank you for your support.

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Let's Beat Cancer!

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With love from Stewart Hilary and family



In fond memory of Lillian May Eden

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In memory of Billy Walsh a colleague at Mira for 17 years, he always made me laugh. God Bless.

Mira team



In memory of the legend that was Billy Walsh, from his friends and colleages at Kohler Mira.

Prof Dave Cowell





The management and staff at Kohler Mira Ltd extend our heartfelt condolences on the loss of Billy Walsh.Billy was a valued employee with over 20 years’ service Our thoughts and prayers are with all his family and friends Liz Hazeldene and the Exec Team

Mr Richard Carman


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