Worcester City 10k & half marathon 2018


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This years Worcester City 10k and half marathon take place on Sunday 16th September 2018. The Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust team of runners will be running to fundraise for the GKLT for childhood cancer awareness, support and research.

Set up in memory of 4 year old Grace from Worcester who passed away from cancer in 2014, the Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust strongly believes that all children are worth fighting for. By working together to fight childhood cancer, the biggest disease killer of chidlren in the UK, we are saving lives.

Because the children of today all deserve a tomorrow.

For more information on our work, please go to www.gracekellyladybird.co.uk

Registered charity number 1167783

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Abigail Cutler

Total raised:
£95.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Emily Hamilton

Total raised:
£120.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Sarah Hepple

Total raised:
£375.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Bob Low

Total raised:
£210.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Claire Nichols

Total raised:
£135.00 (excl Gift Aid)

jane ridgley

Total raised:
£105.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Michelle Ruddock

Total raised:
£95.00 (excl Gift Aid)


Total donations: £80.00

Claire Nichols


£80.00 (+ £20.00 giftaid)

This payment is the money I raised offline from generous donations. I had so much fun on this fundraiser, keep up the hard work guys you're an inspiration and amazing.


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