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Pipal Tree
Pipal Tree
Turn Janakpur Green!

Turn Janakpur Green!

Why we need your help

Over the coming 10 years, ChoraChori will make a meaningful response to the Climate Emergency through reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration in its ground-breaking Nepal projects.

These will include large-scale rewilding and reforestation alongside small-scale rewilding using the Miyawaki Method which is perfect for urban environments and as a way of developing waste ground. As a simplification, the Method offers 10:20:30 advantages:

  • A Miyawaki forest grows ten times faster – a mature forest develops in 20 years rather than in 200 years
  • A Miyawaki forest is twenty times more biodiverse than a conventional forest
  • It absorbs thirty times the COof a green field site

If we combine the reforestation with the planting of native bamboo species and fast-growing Neem trees, the carbon sequestration is even greater.

The Miyawaki forests offer the additional advantages of reducing urban temperatures, absorption of particulate pollution, noise reduction and improvements in general health and sense of well-being. Importantly, they also offer a focus for environmental education for children and young people, who will determine the planet’s future, and employment opportunities for marginalised girls and women. And the carbon sequestration capacity is amplified through media engagement and by the model being replicated again and again nationally and internationally.

We will turn Janakpur green!

Tirahutiya Gachhi Park

The Turn Janakpur Green programme will be conducted in phases as funds become available, with the first project being conducted at Tirahutiya Gachhi Park in central Janakpur.

The Park lies in central Janakpur, an open space with little to show for itself within a recently constructed boundary wall. Centuries ago, it was wooded (Gachhi is the word for “tree” in the local Maithili language) and in the eighteenth century it was the base camp and a training ground for the Tirhut army in the Mithila region. This army had successfully resisted the attempts of the first king of Nepal (Prithvi Narayan Shah) to unite the nation under his rule by conquest. King Prithvi lost the battles but won the war through a strategic marriage to a local Tirhut princess. This allowed him to take political control, kill his new father-in-law and dissolve the army that had foiled all his military operations and ambitious plans. But the legacy of the Tirhut army’s resistance remains to this day, preserved in Maithili folklore and acting as an inspiration to local politicians who still have to fight their corner to be heard by central government.

The local authorities have drawn up plans to develop Tirhutiya Gachhi Park, but these will be funding dependent. However, MWT has already gained consent to plant trees in 900m2 of land inside the boundary wall using the Miyawaki Method. This will involve fencing off a perimeter strip and planting 3,936 native plants (just over four per square metre). We can start this at any time after the necessary funds have been secured. Much of the planting work will be done by local school children and students to raise awareness about the environment.

Once this has been completed, we have the option of developing a further 1,052m2 within the main site. Beyond that, we would try to cover as much of the remaining area as we can with trees as well, striking a balance between nature and cultural/historical interests.

Overall, this represents a tremendous opportunity to showcase the Miyawaki Method and inspire others to take similar actions. We are confident that we will be able to attract significant local and national media interest in this project.

The budget is £27,700 which equates to approximately £30 per square metre - under the Miyawaki Method this will accommodate FOUR trees! So, now is your chance to buy a friend or a family some Christmas trees as a present. We would be very happy to acknowledge your gift to the recipients and keep you and them updated on progress in 2021.

After this awful year, let's do all we can to make 2021 a great one.

Many thanks

Philip Holmes

CEO/Founder ChoraChori


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