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We are appealing for help to raise the funds necessary to finish our school in Helmand province by completing 25 classrooms on the first floor to alleviate the over crowded classrooms on the ground floor. Currently over 3000 children are attending the shcool including 650 girls.

Specific names and locations are kept out of the public domain to protect the security of the school.  

School status:

Most of the classrooms including the first floor are now completed. Solar panels are a next step. 

A school committee of 6 elders is responsible for overseeing the administration.  The school has been officially approved by Helmand provincial education department who are responsible for providing teachers and paying their salaries and for school maintenance costs.

Boys above grade 2 are taught separately to girls – there is a girls’ and a boys’ half of the school divided by a wall and gate. Lessons are split into morning and afternoon sessions – one for boys in grades 1 and 2 and the girls, and one for boys in grades 3-12. 

Many of the villagers have volunteered on the project, for example collecting and transporting building materials and preparing the land.  In the early phases, fathers would bring their children to school and then work on the construction site. 

David Loyn, BBC Afghanistan Correspondent has visited the school twice:

“I have twice visited the school and been impressed with the progress made between my two visits. I have seen a lot of Afghan schools, and this one has far more of a sense of organisation and purpose than many.

Simple, but really vital things, such as the provision of good toilets, has all been managed with real professionalism. Clever methods are used to ensure that it is possible for girls to come, and to stay beyond the basic primary years. There is pride in local innovation, such as a solar-powered water pump, made of old car parts, which enables builders to finish the rooves properly.

[i]The school is just the kind of locally run organisation that it is really worth supporting in Afghanistan, because you can see so clearly where the money goes.”[/i]

Helmand Province has the lowest primary school attendance record in Afghanistan (defined by UNICEF as 18.6% net primary school attendance), with 131,000 children out of school. Female literacy in Helmand remains as low as 4% (male literacy at around 8%) Educated girls are vital to the health of the community – they are more likely to return to their own communities than boys, where the impact they have on education and health is significant. 

The Afghan Appeal Fund is run on a totally voluntary basis, so all the money you donate goes straight to the build of the school. 

Thank you for your support.

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