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Help us to support local young people so they can succeed against the odds!

40% of Islington young people live in poverty, among the highest in the country. We have first hand experience of working with disadvantaged young people. Many of whom lack key soft skills, access to opportunities, support through social networks and suffer an often debilitating absence of confidence and resilience.

The issues faced by young people and the mounting anxiety that comes with feeling unprepared for an ever changing and uncertain world cannot be underestimated. In Islington, these issues are often compounded and the life chances for young people are greatly reduced. As a result of living in poverty, young people in Islington are at a greater risk of developing physical and mental health problems, experiencing social isolation and/or adverse relationships.

The support and services we provide through Mary's Youth Club are designed to make a real and substantial change to the prospect of young lives like "Stephanie"

“Stephanie” was dealing with a few problems at home and school. When she came to us last year, she described herself as having ‘fallen in the wrong crowd’ but she wanted to leave all that behind. She was ready for a fresh start. Through our Personal Development Plan process she worked towards what she wanted to achieve in the last couple of years while in education and played a pivotal role in organising our ‘body image’ campaign within the youth club.

Stephanie grown in confidence, demonstrated leadership, showed initiative and resilience in the face of setbacks.

Last year, 164 young people showed progress against our indicators, which are based around their employability.

We want to carry on supporting the many young people in need. To do this we need your help.
Please give generously / help fundraise for us!

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£50.00  Could fund a skills workshop for 12 young people

£150.00  Could fund a residential for one young person

£300.00  Could fund a short social action project

£1000.00  Could fund a school satellite programme for a term

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St Marys Youthclub gives outstanding opportunities for youngsters, as with safe, bright playscheme environment & trips our child has enjoyed growing up with. Thank you to all staff & coaches for your thoughtful , progressive work developing bright minds!

Ian and Helen


Thanks for fantastic Christmas dinner. Donation towards Mary's youth club.


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