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We are a safe-haven that exists to love and care for the babies placed in our care until they can be placed with adoptive families. The babies that come to HOLAH have either been abandoned, orphaned, given up for adoption or removed from their parents care. 

A maximum of six babies can be taken in at any one time to ensure that each child is given the attention and care that they deserve. Unlike standard orphanages, HOLAH has deliberately remained small and intimate to ensure that the highest levels of care, love and attention can be offered to the young lives placed in our care. In addition to these high levels of care, our dedication to finding each individual child a ‘forever family’ sets our home apart from others.

In South Africa there are a large number of abandoned and orphaned babies, as well as babies that are taken out of homes for various reasons. In light of this, HOLAH’s main purpose is to be a safe-haven for these young children, to be there for them and provide for them until they can either be reunited with family members or adopted into new and loving homes by suitable adoptive families.

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£5.00  Nappies for a baby for a week

£10.00  Formula for 2 babies for a week

£15.00  Nappies for 3 babies for a week

£20.00  Food for 6 babies for a week

£30.00  Formula for 6 babies for a week

£50.00  Food and nappies for 6 babies

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