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The rainy season in Western Kenya is about to end but little or no rain has fallen, for the second year in row.

This has potentially dire consequences for the c300 students and staff at Imprezza Academy. With little or no rain it has meant walking over a mile to collect water from the river- but little has been collected as there has been little to collect.

The answer is a bore hole, but this costs money, money the school does not have.

It means a shortage for washing, drinking, cleaning, cooking and irrigating crops.

No crops means any spare(!) cash has to be used to buy food which would normally be grown on site. A shortage of food stuffs generally means higher costs and fewer meals per day for students.

Our immediate priority is to support the school raise much needed funds to sink a bore hole. 

It will cost about £12,500 to provide a clean reliable long term water supply for the students and staff at Imprezza Academy.

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