Bodie's Treasured Memory Bags

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This campaign is to raise money to fund a pilot study of 100 Bodie's Treasured Memory Bags.  They are filled with grief resources to support siblings as they grieve for their brother or sister, help families to greive together and help families to remember.

The bag will be filled with resources which explain how we greive and to understand our feelings, accompanied by a journal to remember.  Teacher cards to ask for time out when they feel overwhelmed but dont want to make a fuss.  For children under 12 there is The huge Bag of worries book and Worry bear boo to encourage sharing how we feel and sticky notes to leave a message for a grown up.  There is also a treasure chest to write down all your favourite memories and keep them safe and a blank journal for older children.

Each bag costs £60 and with each donation of £60 is the opportunity to put your name on the bag or send the bag in memory of a loved one.

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£5.00  The Huge Bag of worries book

£20.00  Buys griefencounter workbook and journal

£25.00  Buys recources to remember a loved one

£60.00  Pays for A Treasured Memory Bag

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Total donations: £6,293.19

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£6000.00 (+ £1500.00 giftaid)



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