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Jai Jagat Children and Tour, June 2019

We invite you to support the journey of our 17 children from India as they share the inspiring messages of love and peace here in the UK!

Jai Jagat Show

The Gandhi Ashram based charity in India, Manav Sadhna, brings to you the Jai Jagat Show – an amazing and inspiring live performance from 17 underprivileged children from Ahmedabad.

Shishukunj, Shiva Foundation and other Manav Sadhna Family and friends in the UK are proud to support this amazing show in London on 16th June 2019, Logan Hall, UCL, 20 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London WC1H 0A

This event is free and a humble offering, welcoming people from all communities and cultural backgrounds. Our hope is to unite and inspire us together through the message of humanity.

The Jai Jagat Show and Journey is an experiment to transform the lives of 17 underprivileged children from Manav Sadhna (a charity based in the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad) and spark positive inspiration around world.

Through the mediums of dance, music, performance and most importantly, love, these young ambassadors share the stories and messages of Mahatma Gandhi, Malala Yousafzai, Wangari Maathai and more, hoping to inspire others to plant seeds of love to create a more positive and beautiful future.

Our humble intention throughout the Journey of Jai Jagat has been to hold space for deep transformation of our children in their values, creativity and daily habits.

These 17 children were selected from thousands of their peers across six underprivileged communities from Ahmedabad, India. The performances you will see are the results of weekly practice and continuous mentorship, thoughtfully weaving prayer, circles of sharing and acts of kindness, as well as a series of activities to foster gratitude, teamwork, empathy, diligence, and respect for nature.

By nurturing the children to realise their full potential, we hope they will grow into thriving human beings and strong role models for their communities and beyond.  

Whilst this is a free event, we greatly appreciate all support and hope that your hearts will be open in donations so that this fantastic work can continue. 

All funds raised will go towards supporting:

- The Jai Jagat Tour in the UK, including food, activities and transportation.

- The inspiring work and projects of Manav Sadhna to serve underprivileged communities in Ahmedabad.

Manav Sadhna

About Manav Sadhna

From a peaceful corner of the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram, Manav Sadhna has been humbly serving since 1995 to strengthen underprivileged communities in Ahmedabad through programs in Value-Based Education, Community Building, Nutrition, Health and Hygiene and Women’s Empowerment, all based on people’s participation and needs of the community. Guided by the spirit to Love all, Serve all, Manav Sadhna follows Mahatma Gandhi’s messages of love, non-violence and compassion in their work 

About Shishukunj

Shishukunj exists in London and around the world with the purpose of encouraging children from the age of five onwards to discover and develop their talent so that they can positively impact the world and support the broader community. By organising its unique activities, it seeks to nurture the ideals of love, compassion, respect, humility, simplicity and eventually leadership so that each child can aspire for greatness in a way that benefits society.

Shishukunj and Friends of Manav Sadhna in the UK are excited to support this journey and greatly appreciate your support.


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Welcome Jai Jagat family and our LB- looking forward to seeing you all. Enjoy each moment and this tremendous journey.



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Best of luck children, and hope you really enjoy yourselves! ??

Jatania Family






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Looking forward to the show



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We both very proud of you Laxmi xx

Simi Shah


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