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In October 2018 the band was finally able to get started with its ambitious plan to build an extension to the existing band room. The extension will create a new 200 seat concert hall that will also be open for the local Scout Group to use. This idea first emerged in 2015 and, after a series of delays, the band acquired all the land that it needed for the new hall early in 2018.

Today the band has a water sealed hall and we have fitted it out with electrics, heating and plumbing etc. We will need to decorate and furnish the hall before it can be used by the Scouts and for band rehearsals.

To complete the project and deliver the band with a concert hall we will also need staging, lighting, sound systems and seating etc.

The projected total cost for all of this work stands at around £370,000 but the band did not commit to this build without financial backing. We are really grateful for the generosity of our supporters and the help that we have received through our Charitable grant applications. This has allowed us to do so much. Thank-you.

However, our construction costs will soon exhaust the band’s project funds and so the band is still reliant upon further fundraising to complete this project.

We anticipate that the ongoing costs will now be around £28,500. If you can help us with a personal donation, with hand’s on support, or with personal fundraising efforts, we would be very grateful of your assistance. We guarantee that any donations offered towards our project will be restricted solely to meeting our building costs. Any on line banking donations can be made using our sort code 40-26-15 and account number 71003607.

The band is also a Charity and Gift Aid offers a further 25% potential boost to our fundraising efforts. A standard Gift Aid form for cash donations can be found from the band website, but donations through Virgin will also allow Gift Aid to be collected.

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