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LAFI Burkina (Lasting Action For Inclusion in Burkina Faso)
LAFI Burkina (Lasting Action For Inclusion in Burkina Faso)
Inclusive Education & Training (Burkina)

Inclusive Education & Training (Burkina)

Why we need your help

Help children and adults with disabilities to access education and training opportunities and reach their full potential 

This campaign aims to raise money for one of LAFI Burkina's partner organisations, Organisation for Inclusive Development and Solidarity, or ODIS.

Based in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, ODIS is running a 2-year project that seeks to ensure that children and adults with disabilities have better opportunities to access inclusive education and vocational training. 

Working with children with disabilities


- In most areas in Burkina Faso, parents place less importance on educating a disabled child, compared to other children who are perceived as more useful. 

- Many children with disabilities who have the potential to learn and work are neglected due to a lack of parental support, meaning they don't have access to education and vocational training that would enhance their development and integration within the community.

- When children with disabilities have been able to access schools and training centres, they encounter many obstacles that prevent them from continuing or completing their education, such as accessibility issues, stigmatisation and lack of understanding of inclusive education practices.

- Like children with disabilities, adults with disabilities face accessibility problems, socio-cultural constraints, lack of interest from families and, above all, extreme poverty, all of which prevents them from fully enjoying their right to access education and training.

Promotion of economic inclusion


- 30 children with disabilities will be put through school, by having their school fees paid and receiving mobility aids. Their schools will also be made more accessible. 

- 20 adults with disabilities will receive vocational training to help them to gain employment. After the training, they will be supported to either find employment or to set-up their own small business.

- Throughout the project, ODIS will raise awareness amongst the families of beneficiaries and their communities of the importance of inclusive education and training, and not neglecting people with disabilities.


A donation to ODIS's project will contribute to:

- Improving the education and vocational training rate of people with disabilities. 

- Promoting employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

- Solving accessibility problems in schools, classrooms and vocational training centres.

- Raising awareness of the issues faced by people with disabilities.

- Reducing stigma and promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities.

To see what has been achieved so far, please visit the ODIS Project page on our website.


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about ODIS or about the project.

Presentation of mobility aids

We would appreciate your help in supporting our partner organisation ODIS with this important project.

 Thank You Very Much


When children with disabilities have been able to access schools and training centres, many obstacles are encountered that prevent them from continuing or completing their education. The lack of accessible materials in schools, classrooms and classes, the lack understanding of inclusive education practices by teachers and the various stigmatization are all difficulties that prevent the inclusion of the target group in schools and vocational training.



 Why is this program of activities important?


According to the Universal Declaration of Human and Peoples' Rights, human beings are born free and equal in law. The right to education and training being a right universally recognized for all human beings regardless of their status, many children and disabled and vulnerable people in Burkina Faso are unfortunately deprived of this right. Accessibility problems, socio-cultural constraints, follow-up support, lack of interest from families and, above all, extreme poverty, prevent many vulnerable children and disabled people from fully enjoying their right to access education and training.


Through its vision and the actions identified, this program seeks to ensure these rights by offering children and adults with disabilities better opportunities to access education and inclusive vocational training. The activities outlined in this project will challenge the injustices of universally recognized inequity, inequality and the denial of human rights.


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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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