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The Grantham Canal Lock 14 Brick Campaign


The Grantham Canal meanders its 33-mile course between Grantham and Nottingham and is widely regarded as the jewel of the unrestored canal system in Britain. Its restoration and reconnection to the River Trent will add immeasurably to our unique contribution to world heritage.

Our long-term objective is the reinstatement of the Grantham Canal Basin.  This could turn dereliction into treasure, creating jobs, housing and a visitor attraction of regional merit.  We hope through this to add significant long-term value to the community.

We are a charitable organisation made up 100% by volunteers from a wide-range of backgrounds and we currently have nearly 600 members.

Working in partnership with the Heritage Lottery Fund and Canal and River Trust, The Grantham Canal Society is working to restore the 4 locks at Stenwith, the lower set of the Woolsthorpe Flight, Locks 12, 13, 14 and 15.

Lock 15

Lock 15 was completely restored in summer 2018 and The Buy-a-Brick Campaign in support of the rebuilding of Lock 15 is now officially closed. A big thank you to all those of you who donated. Together with the nearly £10,000 raised with the help management and staff at Sainsburys in Grantham and various bucket collections the whole initiative raised nearly £16,000.

To those of you have bought an engraved brick, your wait is nearly over. We have decided to build a bench alongside Lock 15 and your bricks with their dedications will be built into the bench ends, visible to all passers by. This is planned to be ready for the official opening of Lock 15 in the spring of 2019.

Keep your eyes open for the announcement on our website (www.granthamcanal.org), our twitter feeed (@granthamcanal), our facebook page and our monthly publication, 'The Bridge', which is downloadable from our website.

Lock 15 has achieved a Grade A Listing after a recent inspection by Canal & River Trust Engineers. 

"Brilliant news for our guys on Lock 15 and a real lighthouse of achievement for the society. This puts the GCS up with the very best in the national canal restoration movement.” David Lyneham-Brown, GCS Chief Executive/General Manager

Lock 14

We have just moved onsite to Lock 14 (September 2018) and while currently pulling down the old walls very soon we will be building them back up again. We could need as many as 18,000 new bricks to restore Lock 14.

And that is where YOU come in.

Whether it’s your birthday, christmas or another big occasion,  make it extra special by asking your family and friends to make a donation to the Lock 14 Brick Fund instead of giving you a gift. Celebration giving is a fantastic way to celebrate your special event, while at the same time supporting a cause close to your heart. Click the 'Start fundraising' tab at the right of this page above the twitter feed.

For a minimum gift of £35, The Grantham Canal Society will also acquire a brick, engraved with your name or other chosen inscription, for display as part of the project and in recognition of your donation.

Alternatively, you can gift a one of payment using the button below.


For further details please contact Neil White at fundraising@granthamcanal.org

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Ruth Rosenow



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Donated as a Christmas present for my father (and volunteer) Geoff Grantham

Tony Osbond


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To see the completion of Lock 14 and the ultimate short term aim of getting the canal open to Redmile and beyond. Tony Osbond - Kinoulton on the Grantham Canal


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