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Mail Force - Computers For Kids

Why we need your help

The Daily Mail has launched a brand new campaign, Computers For Kids, to raise money for Mail Force – a charity which aims to provide much needed school equipment and resources for pupils across the UK learning from home.

With schools closed, we are left with the dilemma of hundreds of thousands of underprivileged pupils in the UK having no access to a computer in their home.

As part of this campaign, companies are donating their old laptops and these will only cost around £15 to be wiped, professionally refurbished and made safe and fit for home schooling. They can then be delivered to a child or young person who needs one.

In addition, the Daily Mail are looking to support children’s needs in other ways such as funding brand new laptops and tablets, and assisting with data access and connectivity for online learning.

Any surplus funds will be used to support of the work UK schools via other means.

Hundreds of thousands of British schoolchildren are falling behind because they don’t have laptops and cannot follow online lessons – but you can help.

Just £15 can fix it for one child to get a laptop.

Mail Force for Schools is a new part of the Mail Force charity, which was originally set up to help healthcare workers and volunteers obtain essential personal protective equipment (PPE).

Now we are getting computers for kids. Companies are donating their old laptops to the charity. It costs only £15 to have them wiped, professionally refurbished and made safe and fit for home schooling – and delivered to a child who needs it.

In addition Mail Force for Schools is also buying brand new laptops and tablets, which will be gifted to the Government to be distributed to schools most in need through their existing programme. Funds may also be used to support children’s other needs with online learning, such as data access and connectivity.


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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.

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