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Mityana Clinic Appeal - Christmas 2019

The nearest clinic for the women of Butoloogo is about three hours walk away from their village. Going unexpectedly into labour means the chances of a baby surviving are very slim. And any complications mean that the mother’s life is at serious risk, too. Medical help is just too far away.

A clinic is built


In 2017 we were asked to help; could we raise the money to build a clinic? It felt like a daunting task, but amazingly we have been given donations for the building itself, the water tank, latrine and solar panel. Above is how it looked in July 2019. It will be finished in October.

But equipment is needed

But now we need to buy the equipment. Can you help us this Christmas?
Instead of buying someone a Christmas present, ask them if they’d like to donate the cost of the gift to help us to resource the building. Or suggest to someone that instead of giving you something they could donate an item or some money towards a piece of equipment. You could make a real difference and save a life. Who doesn’t want to do that at Christmas? 

What you can buy as a present

  • Hospital bed mattresses £30; we need 6
  • Multi-purpose trolley £200; we need 1 to start with
  • Kidney dish £5; we need 4
  • Stainless steel steamers £ 40; we need 2
  • Bed screens £70; we need 2
  • Drip stand £77; we need 3
  • Night watchman £25 per month
  • Hospital bed with casters Ugandan price tbc
  • A nurse is £35 per month for the first 2 years

Thank you for any amount you may be able to donate this Christmas.

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Select the amount you wish to give

£5.00  Kidney dishes 4 needed

£25.00  Night watchman per month

£30.00  Bed mattresses 6 needed

£35.00  Nurse per month 24 months needed

£77.00  Drip stand 3 needed

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