ODDS on for Integrated Education


We would like to encourage our friends and supporters to toe the line and participate in an ‘Odd Socks Day’ where you wear different coloured socks and donate to the Integrated Education Fund.

Odd Socks days can be run by anyone, schools, companies individuals or groups.

Schools – arrange for students/pupils and teachers to come to school on a specific day wearing different coloured socks. Every participant pays one pound (or more if you like) which you send to the Integrated Education Fund.

Companies – arrange a day, or longer if you like, when for every one of your customers wearing odd socks you make a donation to IEF of one pound (or more if you like). This is a great way of raising awareness of your business, generating customers, and raising funds for integrated education.

Individuals or Groups – anything goes here, you can run an odd socks tea party, go odd socks bowling, have an odd socks walk etc. If you are a sports club, play in odd socks for a day.

Odd Socks

The ideas above are just some of the things you can do. Whatever you do we would love to see some photos of your Odd Socks Day fun so please email them to gemma@ief.org.uk or send them via Twitter (#IEFOddSocks) or Facebook.

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