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Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID)
Orangutan Veterinary Aid (OVAID)
OVAID Veterinary Training Project 2021

OVAID Veterinary Training Project 2021

Why we need your help

“It always seems impossible - until it is done!”

The Samboja Lestari Training Project 2021

                     joost and Temia

OVAID are delighted to announce our partnership with BOS Switzerland to fund one of the most exciting projects with which we have been involved. Rarely do projects have such a direct and lasting effect on the welfare of the animals but follow-up financing is required quickly.

BOS Foundation have managed to secure the services of Dr Joost Philippa to undertake  intensive  programme of training and extensive surgeries on the orangutans and sunbears at their Samboja Lestari centre in East Kalimantan.

The BOS Foundation Samboja Lestari rescue centre cares for more than 100 orangutan and the bear program is currently one of the largest in the world with 71 animals. At the centre, veterinary treatment of orangutans and sun bears urgently needed to be carried out and whilst reviously, there was neither the money nor the necessary expertise to perform these, Dr Joost’s sudden availability provided an opportunity. 

In a joint enterprise BOS Switzerland and OVAID agreed to fund the project which fits perfectly with OVAID’s aims to supply the Indonesian veterinary teams not only with equipment and medicines but practical assistance and training which ultimately improves the welfare of the orangutan and sun-bears. Joost’s expertise in training the local veterinarians carries huge benefits for the long term veterinary care of animals in the centre. Empowering the hard working dedicated veterinary teams is extremely important in maintaining welfare and bringing stability (and retaining knowledge) to the centre’s professional staff.

Training has already been provided in x-ray and ultrasonography techniques, anaesthesia, dental and ophthalmic procedures and Joost's enthusiasm has been a real incentive.

As evidence of success - two of Samboja’s veterinarians are now already performing complicated dental extractions by themselves using the knowledge gained from the project. 

The training is as significant a part of the project as the actual surgery, enabling the veterinary team to learn new skills, improve their confidence and to perform specialist surgeries under supervision. To maximise learning potential a veterinary surgeon from the BOSF Nyaru Menteng centre has also attended and received training.

The initial two month project has been so successful and worthwhile that Joost has now been persuaded to delay his return to The Netherlands and to extend his time at Samboja for another month!

Funding is needed urgently to allow the partnership of OVAID and BOS Schweiz to continue the project to enable it to accomplish all its goals and provide real long-term benefits

                  £ $

 Our urgent ‘to do’ list includes supplying medicines and equipment including animal stretchers and a new transport cage (£225) and further health checks and surgeries including seven tooth removals for the orangutan (£3000) and numerous sunbear surgeries.

With your help, we can ensure that Joost can continue his treatment of sick and injured orangutans and sun bears and that OVAID can continue to support BOS in developing its own veterinary expertise! The enthusiastic young veterinary team are receiving exclusive one to one hands-on training which will increase their skills confidence and capabilities and ensure long term benefits in the care and welfare of the 120 orangutans and 71 bears at the Samboja centre.

The overall project has an estimated cost of almost £20,000 and OVAID’s contribution is £7000.

           BOS Schweiz will generously contribute the remainder.

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Aug 03, 2021

Viv Chessell

What a wonderful project! I have huge respect for the vets and teams that help to improve the care and welfare of these beautiful animals daily. Thank you for all you do and great work OVAID in supporting the vets and teams on the front line. Xx

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Jul 19, 2021


Wonderful project! Thank you for all your work x

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Jul 18, 2021



Jul 18, 2021

Neil and Marg

(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Jul 17, 2021

Mia Norberg


Jul 16, 2021


You are as always doing an amazing job for our gorgeous people of the forest. Xx


Jul 15, 2021

Chelsea Duce

So much admiration for what you do. Will always support you, OVAID! I hope you reach your target as this money is going to do wonderful things. Xx

(plus 6.25 giftaid)

Jul 12, 2021

Bradbury's from yonder downunder.

Thankyou for your hard work and commitment. I'll be sure to donate again soon. Xx


Jul 12, 2021


May this donation go towards making the seemingly impossible, possible. Given with love and admiration for all you do Ovaid.


Jul 11, 2021


(plus 2.50 giftaid)


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