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Parkinson’s Life is an online ‘lifestyle’ magazine for people affected by Parkinson’s disease.

It aims to:

- publish content of the highest quality;

- share personal stories, expert opinions, resources, tools and information about good Parkinson’s practices around the world;

- increase awareness, inspire advocacy and challenge existing mindsets; 

- become a leading global Parkinson’s resource

 - encourage readership to drive content.

It is a website for the Parkinson’s community, driven by the Parkinson’s community.

A message from the editorial team

"Since our launch in mid-2015, we have been dedicated to publishing high-quality content for the international Parkinson’s community. To all our readers and supporters who have helped us in our journey so far, thank you. We are truly grateful for your support. 

Parkinson’s Life has been a big success, and we want to continue growing and improving the experience for our readers. Our aim is to be a leading platform for the global community. However, our work relies on the support of others. So, if you read us, if you’ve shared one of our stories, if you value what we do – then please make a donation that will help us carry on delivering Parkinson’s Life to the world."

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If you prefer to donate via bank transfer, please use the following details.

Bank: Lloyds Bank (83 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 1LG, the UK)

Sterling (£) account

  EPDA account number: 01379466

  Sort Code: 30 97 49

IBAN no: GB97 LOYD 3097 4901 3794 66

BIC: LOYD GB 21125

Euro () account

EPDA account number: 86143257

  Sort Code: 30 97 49

IBAN no: GB08 LOYD 3097 4986 1432 57

BIC: LOYD GB 21125

Important note:

When making any payment, please ensure you include a reference we can use to identify who made the payment. This could be either:

-          an invoice number

-          the following description: 'PL DONATION' + your full name + country.

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Keep up the good work dommo, Liz and team xx



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Sorry I can't make the gig. Sounds like a fantastic cause.


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