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Almost 40 offenders are to be made homeless at the end of March after Kent County Council have cut funding for our services, forcing us to evict those we support and close our accommodation. 

Those we support have a number of barriers, including mental health problems, addiction issues and a lack of skills and qualifications. Our support is vital in helping them to find a home, build a more stable life and re-integrate back into our communities. 

Without our support, we fear that re-offending rates will increase and we will see more offenders sleeping rough on the streets, continuing the cycle we exist to break. 

We're launching this appeal to provide vital support for those we support in the face of funding cuts. The donations will help us to support those in our services to move into private accommodation wherever possible, and to give them funding and support to help them rebuild their lives. 

James, a client at Pathways, says:  "By the age of 39 I had been put in prison with no friends or family for support. Whilst in prison I took advantage of everything that was offered including counselling, behaviour work and education. I was released in December 2016 and moved who made a referral to pathways and I moved in to my flat in February 2017.

The staff here have been amazing, they are always available when needed, easy to talk to and give the place a really relaxed atmosphere it will be hard to move on when the time comes. At this time I am undertaking a degree with the Open University in Environmental studies with the hope of progressing to PhD level in Ecophysiology. In the future I hope to work with animals especially rodents as they are my biggest passion."

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£25.00  Can help us furnish a flat for a homeless person

£50.00  Can help provide counselling sessions

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Thank you for the important work you're doing to support vulnerable people in Kent during this tough time.


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