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Help fund pheochromocytoma research

Help fund pheochromocytoma research

Why we need your help

In 1993 my wife was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer called a pheochromocytoma (pheo for short). Fortunately she was able to uptake a radioactive isotope which prolonged her life until sadly in 2003 the toxic treatment that had kept her alive took its toll and she passed away. At that time I was unaware that her cancer could be passed on.

It is now possible to genetically test for pheos and amongst my four children, my two youngest have inherited their mother’s pheo-gene. Unfortunately my daughter has a tumour in her jugular vein and my son has one in his carotid artery which means surgery is out of the question.

My friend, Dr Anil Mehta, an internationally recognised expert in rare diseases, is working on a related cancer, but is willing to undertake new research with the objective of finding out how the pheo-gene in my family causes cancer. He states that if we are to fix the problem then we first have to understand it, a route he has taken for another rare disease with some success. Anil has consulted with his fellow scientists in Cambridge and abroad who have endorsed his chosen approach to gain fundamental understanding by making a new test model of the cancer. In order to fund this first phase of the research to model the disease process we need to raise a further £6,000. In order to fund the second phase of the research to model the disease process we need to raise a further £6,000.  

Findacure is a charity working to promote research into rare and fundamental diseases. They have kindly agreed to support us in our mission to develop a model of pheochromocytoma. Any money you donate to Findacure, they will then use to fund research into pheo. Any support, however small, you can give would be very much appreciated. 


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Sep 09, 2018

Robin and Diane

What an incredible achievement! And what an awesome adventure! A monumental challenge for sure! Congratulations!


Sep 01, 2018

Rod and Rhoda purcell

well done Gordon Blair


Aug 22, 2018

Edie and Chris

Courier this morning. Great effort Jo, Rick and Gordon. Tartan cars, honestly! We hope you all get back in one piece.


Aug 05, 2018

Barbara Peter and Euan Sayers

Good Luck Jo and Gordon, hope all is going well


Jul 29, 2018

Dave and Fiona Henderson

Just read about ur 'journey' in SoS - you always faced every challenge full on,Jo - get home safely. All the best,Rolf.


Jul 26, 2018

Richard and Michelle Cook

Good luck Team Gordon Blair - we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you're next in Chipping Sodbury. Best wishes for a safe journey.


Jul 20, 2018


Good luck Uncle Joe from Caroline, Matt, Chloe & Ella xxxx


Jul 12, 2018

M Smith


Jul 09, 2018

Jackie Fahey

Good luck Gordon from your friends in Hawkesbury Upton. Mongolia won't know what's hit it when you get there with those tartan Fiestas!


Jul 09, 2018

David Martin


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