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Nepal Emergency Disaster Relief

Nepal Emergency Disaster Relief

Why we need your help

Nepal Emergency Disaster Relief and Support 

On Saturday 25 April Nepal was struck by a devastating earthquake. We can confirm that all of our volunteers, staff and placements in Pokhara are safe.

We are now raising money for urgently needed disaster relief and ongoing support for our projects in Nepal.

100% of Nepal Emergency Disaster Relief and Support funds will be donated to Nepal with all admin costs being covered by Pod Volunteer.

Emergency support

We have supported the local Nepali charities and organisations who, alongside other organisations, have been working in the most affected regions of Gorkha and Lamjung alongside a small group of army and military police.

The area who did receiving any other supplies so we fundraised to provide:

• medical provisions

• rescue equipment

• food

• blankets

• children’s clothes

The team in Nepal have sent sending jeeps, trucks and one helicopter to the Gorkha and East Lamjung districts.

Specifically to Sauripani, Dhadhagau, Laxmi Bazar, Thulopipalbot, Daraudi, Dhodeni Baazar, Barpak, Bichaur and some other smaller villages.

Over the last 2 weeks we have worked with local organisations and our donations have been providing support to stricken areas around Nepal. The aim has been for the local team has been to get in there with immediate aid, in preparation for when the UN arrives; at this stage the local team then vacate and move our support to another unsupported area. This is likely to be around the Bhote Khosi river and the surrounding towns who have been very badly affected by the earthquake.

The villages the team has been able to access so far have experienced almost a total destruction of their homes and there are many more rural villages in need of aid.

Ongoing support

The Pod Charity will support the Children’s Home, Women’s Refuge, Street Children’s Centre and local schools in Pokhara by ensuring they have access to clean water and food supplies. There are already severe supply shortages and food prices have rocketed.

We support recovery in the regions affected. 


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May 02, 2016


For the children of Pokhara

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Jun 22, 2015

Thank you for your efforts I volunteered in pokhara in 2010 Sending love to the Nepali people this money was raised by my students at Greenacre school in Yorkshire xxx

(plus 51.25 giftaid)

Jun 10, 2015


Truly tragic.


Jun 06, 2015

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Jun 01, 2015



May 29, 2015

(plus 6.25 giftaid)

May 18, 2015

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

May 18, 2015


(plus 50.00 giftaid)

May 16, 2015

(plus 3.75 giftaid)

May 15, 2015

(plus 25.00 giftaid)

Total raised so far


Total plus Gift Aid 12,176.25

Direct donations


Raised offline 3,355.00

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