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Zoé Donneaud was diagnosed with DIPG - an aggressive and untreatable form of brain cancer - in May 2016. She was given 9-12 months to live. Zoe is now 6.

There is no known cure to DIPG. It is always fatal. It mostly attacks children.

While the cancer stops all the parts of a child's body from working - their arms and legs, their ability to eat and speak, their bladder and bowels - they remain fully conscious and aware what is happening until the end. There is no escape from this hell.

Since DIPG affects around 40 children each year in the UK it is considered rare and their is literally no public funding for research.

Even though medical progress in treating DIPG could help beat many other cancers, the only research is undertaken by a few pioneering hospitals and supported by the families of children with DIPG raising funds for these experimental treatments.

After consultation with experts in the UK and France, Zoé is now in Mexico receiving the only experimental treatment available to her – it is called intra-arterial chemotherapy combined with immunotherapy. The recent results for other children have provided reason for a small hope of some progress.

This experimental treatment is not cheap. Each round costs at least £20,000 to support. Other children have received 4-5 rounds. Zoé's family and friends in France and the UK have raised enough for the first two rounds.

ImpactReady Foundation Trust exists to support small groups of highly motivated citizens to create breakthrough changes to forgotten problems. We believe that, whilst they would never have chosen this role, the parents of children with DIPG have shown the leadership and potential to make a big difference in an area that really counts. We want to support that; starting with supporting Zoé and her family to push the boundaries of cancer treatment in Mexico.

These brave pioneers need and deserve our support.

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Emilie, you and your family are often in my thoughts. With love, Nicky (French class). xx

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All for Zoe!!! Keep fighting little Princess!!! Lots of 💖




Tous avec Zoe xxx






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All with Zoe Keep fighting Zoe

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