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Creating a vibrant and welcoming community hub with space to grow.

Project Grow

At the heart of St Richard's is a worshipping community, a Church of England church with a vision and passion to serve the needs of the people who live within its parish and surrounding areas.

Located in Hanworth and north Hampton, west London, the parish serves around 6000 people, many of whom experience daily the impact of deprivation in a variety for forms.

Our vision is to stand and work with our community to see the lives of local people flourish. We do this, in part, through the wide variety of groups and activities on offer each and every week, most of which are hosted in the church and centre.

But our building is no longer fit for purpose, limiting this vision rather than enabling it. That's why Project Grow was born. It's about building on what's already happening in Hanworth and north Hampton, celebrating the previous 50 years of the church's life, but also looking to a better future for all the people of our parish.

Building Needs

Copper theft

The catalyst for Project Grow was the crisis created by repeated theft of copper from the church's roof in 2010-11.  The thieves stole over half the surface area of the entire roof, which resulted in the 'temporary' application of a two-layer roofing felt to make the roof watertight. However, further inspection of the roof and spire brought the news that the structure itself needed major repair.

St Richard's is clearly a building in significant need of refurbishment. Quite simply, it is not fit to serve the needs of our community.   

That's how Project Grow was born - a visionary plan to turn a crisis into an opportunity and to secure a brighter and more sustainable future for St Richard's and all the people of our parish.

Financing Project Grow

Although our long term goal is to raise the £1.5m needed for the full renovation of our church and community centre, our immediate goal is to secure the funds for Phase 1. 

This first stage of works involves the complete renewal of our roof, from rafters to insulation to waterproof covering.  Phase 1 is estimated to cost £300,000, which would be a large amount to raise for many organisations, but especially for a church like St Richard’s.  How will we do it?

The good news is that we have already raised over £200k.  The majority of this has come from the support of church and community, either through ongoing pledged giving or a variety of fundraising events held over recent years.

Find Out More

Please visit to find out more about the vision of our project, the needs of our community and what the plans involve. 

Your Support

If you're able to support Project Grow by making a donation we'd be so grateful. Every penny given will make a massive difference to the people of Hanworth and north Hampton.

Thanks so much!

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