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This Sunday the world lost a beloved father, and we at Chabad North East London and Essex lost a devoted and dedicated Shliach, and an incredibly kind soul.

Rabbi Moshe Muller, one of the beloved Chabad Shluchim in Great Britain, suddenly passed away after suffering a heart attack. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Brocha Muller and their eight children.

Rabbi Muller was an incredible community leader who genuinely enjoyed helping others and an extraordinary father who loved and cared for his eight beautiful children in a tremendous way.

Described by friends as "One of the sweetest people to walk G-d's earth" and "A true Chossid of the Rebbe," Rabbi Muller will be sorely missed by his community in Ilford and the greater Jewish community.

Now it is up to us to ease the burden on the Muller family and ensure that they feel the outpouring of love from those of us who knew and loved their incredible father.

Please donate generously to this emergency fund which will go directly toward covering the immediate expenses of the Muller family.

About Rabbi Moshe Muller:

Since 1996, he has served as Assistant Director and Centre Operations Manager of Chabad Lubavitch Centres of N. E. London and Essex headquartered in Ilford, under the leadership of Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin.

Together with his wife Brocha, they have organized youth activities throughout the year, and oversaw the koshering of kitchens, Teffilin and Mezuzah home checking and replacement services.

He also organized the festival programs, under 35's Friday night meals, Torah and chassidus classes, teenage summer and winter activities and visits to the infirm and housebound. Their home is well recognised within the community for their hospitality, friendship and for so many a home away from home.

"One of the sweetest people to walk G-d's earth has been taken from us tonight," a friend commented on the sudden passing. "Too soon."

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In memory of a great Rabbi and a good friend. Wisshing Brocha and children health and long life.



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Dear friend, we miss you.