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Recom are fundraising for a cause that is close to all our hearts and affects many people and families in some form or another.


In April 2017, a fire broke out at the Paterson Building, a University of Manchester and Cancer Research UK facility forming part of The Christie Hospital estate in Withington. Recom Solutions were commissioned as  Project Manager to deliver an immediate disaster recovery response; to manage the decant of staff, research and equipment from the building. For the past 10 months, we have continued to work closely with the UoM and CRUK staff, managing the fit out of their new temporary accommodation in Alderley Park, planning and implementing the logistics of their physical move phases, and supporting their staff over the transition period.


In doing so, we have met many of the researchers and had a small insight into the mind blowing work they undertake. We would really like to continue our support for them in the form of a fundraiser and have committed to the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge on 15th April 2018.


Our aim is to raise £5000; every penny will be directed to Manchester based researchers who have been affected by the fire, to support them in continuing the essential work they do and contributing to such a fantastic research area, that everyone will have some direct or indirect experience with.


Here comes the science bit… A £5000 contribution would equate to a new Nanodrop, which is a spectrophotometer used for accurate measurement of DNA and RNA concentrations. This is done prior to a variety of applications such as genomic sequencing and transcriptional analysis; the advantage of this over other spectrophotometers is how it can function with much smaller volumes of DNA, therefore saving precious specimens.


Thank you in advance for any contribution you are able to make.

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