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Friends Of Reepham Primary School
Friends Of Reepham Primary School
Outdoor Learning at Reepham Primary

Outdoor Learning at Reepham Primary

Why we need your help

Join our campaign to raise funds for outdoor learning at Reepham Primary!

Outdoor learning has been part of the vision for Reepham Primary for a long time, but this is the first year we have been able to really get it off the ground, running weekly sessions with a specialised teacher.

The wildlife garden has been transformed into an outdoor area where the children come to make their own discoveries, playing and working in nature and learning how to care for it.

There is such a buzz around the school and what feels like a sea change in attitude from staff, parents and children in their desire to have more outdoor learning. It is now a common sight to see a class of children marching out, fully donned in waterproofs and wellies ready to take their learning outside, whatever the weather.

It has been a successful first year but now it is time to grow.

How will the funds be used?

The plan for the next academic year is to offer outdoor learning to ALL classes across the school. In order to do this successfully we need an outdoor classroom to use as a base to practically meet the needs of the children and be able to run high quality sessions for all ages. We need somewhere to get ready. Somewhere to change into wellies and waterproofs and somewhere to dry off wet gear. Somewhere to store resources so that they are accessible for the whole school. Somewhere to shelter when the weather is too windy, stormy or pouring with rain. A place to come together to celebrate nature and our learning. We are envisaging a space that will raise the profile of outdoor learning across the school. We also have some additional equipment to buy to help resource the lessons so that the children’s experience is meaningful and practical. 


Why is outdoor learning so important?

Being outside and being active is a great way to keep children healthy and improve their physical development. When children are outdoors they have more freedom to express themselves as it is a bigger space, they can be noisier and move about, all in a non-judgemental environment. This allows them to feel confident and happier and boosts their self-esteem.

By setting open ended challenges and allowing time for their own discoveries through play, there are endless opportunities for creativity and imagination. By working in teams, the children will improve their communication skills by negotiating, cooperating, assessing dangers and taking control of their own learning.

Outdoor learning offers the children the chance to connect with the natural world, have first-hand experiences of life and growth, and the changing seasons. The idea is that if the children develop a genuine connection with the natural world at a young age, which we can foster as they pass through the school, this will continue to shape them as they grow and give them an appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

Outdoor learning can have a really positive impact on children’s lives. It supports the holistic development of the whole child and allows learners the time and space they need to develop skills, interests and understanding through hands-on experiences.


How can I help?

We have a target of £20,000 to raise before next term and we need you to help us get there! Here are four ways you can help.

1. Donate to the campaign – support our current activity. We have a group of ten Sky Walkers taking to the skies to raise money for outdoor learning.

2. Fundraise – if we all do something, big or small, we’ll soon hit our target. Everyone can get involved, whether that’s running, cycling, jumping out of planes, getting creative with a skill or hobby, giving something up or organising an event.

3. Declutter and donate – if you’ve got unwanted books, CDs or computer games you can click here to get going!

4. Spread the word – tell everyone you know and rally support from the wider community and local businesses, it might lead to some big donations.

Help with your fundraising

Reepham Friends and your fellow families at Reepham are here to help. If you want to get involved, but don’t know where to start, visit Virgin Money Giving’s fundraising hub at or email

Why your help matters

By donating to this campaign, you will be investing in the wellbeing of our children. In a time when there are increasing pressures all around us, our children need this more than ever. Time outdoors to be themselves and connect with nature and each other.

As a school we can feel proud of ourselves for creating a new space and platform for the children to learn. We can build on this area of the curriculum and meet the needs of more of the pupils in the school. We can ensure that wellbeing is a top priority and that the needs of the children are being met.

For the children of Reepham Primary it will be an exciting new curriculum area. It will give them the base that they need to be ready and fully equipped for outdoor learning lessons, come rain or shine. It will provide high quality resources and variety for them within their school experience. A chance to grow as citizens as they develop the life skills needed in the real world. An opportunity to connect with the world around them.

By supporting this campaign, we are investing in the future generation who will ultimately take care of our world.

Double your donation with corporate matching

Many employers will match your donation, so it’s worth asking your company if they do this. If they do, please email us at and we can provide all the relevant information.


raised towards 20,000.00 target


Spread the word

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How you can support us

Make a donation

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Fundraise in support

Create a fundraising page in support of Outdoor Learning at Reepham Primary and make a real impact


Melissa Baker

London Marathon 2021

Jonathan Beverley

Wing walk

Jeremy Buxton

135MPH Wing Walk on a 1940s Biplane

Dio de Fernan


Sara Elllis

Wing Walk on a 1940s biplane

Julie Gowland

And Kate are running the London marathon

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Alex Griffiths

Running the London Marathon 2021

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Wing walk

Steve Hopkins

Flying strapped to the wing of a 1940 biplane


Oct 14, 2021


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Oct 14, 2021


Happy Flying!

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Oct 13, 2021

King and Company

King and Company are very pleased to be able to help such a wonderful cause. This will benefit not only my own kids but those of the whole community, for years to come. Now its finally here! Well done everybody!


Oct 07, 2021

Triple Threat Stage School

Amazing effort from everyone involved!!

(plus 6.25 giftaid)

Oct 04, 2021

The dial house

Happy flying Love from The Dial House

(plus 50.00 giftaid)

Oct 03, 2021

Mandy Meek

Well done ladies.


Oct 01, 2021


Good luck ronnie and chris xxx

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Sep 30, 2021

Sara N

Good luck, Amadu!


Sep 30, 2021

The Allen family

Good luck guys - and gals! All the very best to you and hope you smash it!!! ?????


Sep 29, 2021


Hoping for a fly-by Amadu! Good luck!

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Total plus Gift Aid 24,649.82

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Raised offline 800.00

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