Restoring Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest

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Climate change is complex. The solution is simple.

Reforestation offers us the simplest, low-cost solution to tackling climate change, as well as providing livelihoods, protecting and restoring wildlife and supporting water and climate management.

We have the opportunity to help restore Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest in Tamil Nadu, South East India. 200 years ago this stretched for a 1000km down the eastern seaboard, and records show that elephants once roamed there. By the 1960s less than 5% of it remained.

We have already supported the planting of 30,000 trees but there is much more to do.

Through our partner, who has helped to establish a women's cooperative in Tamil Nadu, India, we are trying to raise enough funds to help them get the saplings from the nurseries and into the ground.

Your donation will help support local livelihoods; bring back wildlife; help people keep cool through providing shade; as well as improving fresh water supply locally because the trees absorb rainfall recharging the water table.

The cost of each sapling includes compost, land, water landscape management, planting and looking after your trees for one year. 

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£10.00  Plants 2 saplings

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£50.00  Plant 12 saplings

£100.00  Plant 25 Saplings

£500.00  Plant 125 Saplings

£1000.00  Plant 250 Saplings

Natalie Bird

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Chris Born


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

More trees please!

Ed Rowberry


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Good cause

Darren Hall


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

An amazingly simple way of doing some good for Climate Change. Action not words. Very happy to support.

Jenny Foster


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Ross R


£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Liam W


£5.00 (+ £1.25 giftaid)

Pamela Davies


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

I think you are doing a very important thing planting trees


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