Reusable Menstral Pad Training

CRESS are raising money to train more refugee girls in the making and use of Reusable Menstral Pads. They are also taught about hygiene and the menstrual cycle. The knowledge and pads will allow them to stay at school and make informed decisions about their health and activites during their periods.

The course lasts 3 days and they make their own pads as a communal sharing. They are also fed and accomodated during their training.

Girls recieve 2 pads, 2 pairs of pants and a notebook.

We aim to train 200 girls this summer.

Select the amount you wish to give

£15.00  Reusable Menstral Pads and training for 1 girl

£30.00  Training and pads for 2 girls

£45.00  Training and pads for 3 girls

£60.00  Training and pads for 4 girls