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Operation Imprezza
Operation Imprezza
Imprezza Girls' Dormitory Appeal

Imprezza Girls' Dormitory Appeal

Why we need your help


Girls at Imprezza Academy in Kenya have to dodge crocs, snakes and other hazards to get to school.

Help us give them a very special Christmas present

- a safe and decent place to sleep!

You can see the full story by clicking here

We want to raise £10,000 by 30 November 2016 to build and equip new girls' dormitories so that more girls can stay overnight at the academy and avoid the dangerous journey.

The existing dormitory is a very overcrowded temporary structure with 127 girls in a building designed for 50 - with another 38 girls sleeping on the floor in the headteacher's house.

Building work has already started to expand the existing dormitory to accommodate 100. The school is growing, with another 50 girls expected in January. In addition to expanding the existing dormitory we want to build a new dormitory for a further 100.

Provision of dormitory accommodation safeguards the students' education - without it many face long journeys to and from school each day, risking attack from crocodiles, snakes... and people.

One of the young female students wrote recently:

"The school is about 12km from my homestead but everyone is supposed to be in class very early. Some times I found myself walking alone on the road passing through the River Sio which is well known as the dangerous place"

The River Sio which she crosses each day is infested with crocodiles and snakes. Local snakes include the black mamba, one of the most deadly snakes on earth.

Please help develop the dormitories and keep the girls safe by contributing towards this campaign. As it's Christmas soon we'd like to offer a thank you to everyone who contributes.

We need various items to build and equip the dormitories, for example:

£10 could buy 2 Mosquito nets

- to thank you we will send you an Imprezza Academy e-card with a picture from the school

£20 could buy a Mattress

- to thank you we will offer you an Imprezza Academy e-card with 3 pictures from the school

£50 could buy 2/3 of a bedframe!

- to thank you we will offer you an Imprezza Academy Christmas Card

£100 could buy around 300 Bricks 

- to thank you we will offer you a photograph with a personal message from the  Imprezza Academy students

£250 could buy about 100 Iron Roofing sheets

- to thank you we will offer you the opportunity to have your name on a brick or a benefactors plaque at the Academy

£500 could pay for lots of the above!

 - to thank you we will offer you a personal meeting or phone call with Catherine Omanyo, Director of Imprezza Academy, when she next visits the UK

Wherever possible we source materials and labour from the surrounding area to support the local economy.

Read more about what we do at


- Watch our campaign video here

- Learn more about the history of Imprezza academy and Operation Imprezza here

- See a stunning performance of a poem by one of our students here

Don't forget if you are a UK tax payer you can boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate! You can do this by ticking the relevant box on the VirginMoneyGiving page which appears after you click one of the 'Give' boxes below or 'Give Now'.

 Your gift will be used to support the building and equipping of the dormitories.

Thank you for your support.


raised towards 10,000.00 target


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Dec 23, 2016


Dec 14, 2016


(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Dec 14, 2016


(plus 5.00 giftaid)

Nov 13, 2016

Carolina Paredes

Keep the good work! I love Imprezza!

(plus 7.50 giftaid)

Nov 11, 2016

James Webb

(plus 2.50 giftaid)

Nov 07, 2016


(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Nov 03, 2016

John and Sarah

Everyone should be able to go to school safely. Good luck!

(plus 12.50 giftaid)

Nov 03, 2016



Oct 25, 2016


Best wishes to all at Imprezza, from Anton

(plus 5.04 giftaid)

Oct 21, 2016


I want to help save the girls from the crocs!

(plus 10.00 giftaid)


Total raised so far


Total plus Gift Aid 6,542.20

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Raised offline 6,145.00

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