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Schoolreaders Book Club Quiz 2021

Schoolreaders Book Club Quiz 2021

Why we need your help

Your help will give children vital literacy support!

Did you know that in 2019 one in four children aged 11 failed to reach the government’s required reading standards? A child who can't read properly at this age may struggle at secondary school and won't be able to make the most of life's opportunities.

Schoolreaders improves childhood literacy by providing volunteers to give one-to-one reading practice to children in primary schools across the country. 

If you can, please support our work by making a donation via this page.  Just £15 will help support one child's reading support every week for a whole year!

How does the quiz work?

To register for the quiz, please click here, fill out our form and we'll send you (via email) all the information you'll need to take part.  You'll find a page of FAQs which should answer any questions you have.  If not, please email us at 

Thank you for taking part and for improving children's chances in life through better literacy.

How you can support us

Make a donation

Select the amount you'd like to give or fundraise towards

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