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Our current campaign aims to ensure that girls in rural Uganda acquire marketable and transferable skills to enable them to have an equitable chance of accessing work and/or creating their own employment opportunities in the local economy.

The community-based centre where this is delivered is now in need of expansion to meet demand and, as such, we now require a further classroom to ensure the girls have the necessary access to the training and equipment they require in these three work areas.

We continue to need your valued support to make this a reality to help secure the girls' economic future.

As the International Labour organisation says

Development happens through jobs” and that work provides a way out for the poor, jobs contribute to economic growth and are necessary for sustainable prosperity, inclusion as well as social cohesion

Please help us make this happen for girls in rural Uganda

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£10.00  Pays for a days casual labourer

£20.00  Buys 40 bricks

£50.00  Buys 100 roofing tiles

£100.00  Buys a bag of cement

£100.00  Pays an instructor for a month

£100.00  Buys A weeks builders labour

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