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Christmas and New Year Appeal

Why we need your help

Please watch a quick video message from our trustee May Edwards, Ant and Dec, Matt Lucas, Anna Chancellor and Robbie Williams 

Help Steps2Recovery continue to help people break the chains of addiction and prison

Steps2Recovery gives hope to people who are trapped in the nightmare of addiction, crime and short prison sentences - people who desperately want to change their lives and become fulfilled members of the community. As a result of our work individuals’ lives are improved, broken families and relationships are healed and the wider community is a safer place. Everybody benefits.

Covid 19

We rely entirely on our own ability to raise money in order to offer structured residential support to people who'd have nowhere else to go. People who would otherwise fall through the cracks and end up continuing to harm themselves and those around them. We've been determined to keep going through the course of this year and have been able to offer a full therapeutic service to our clients by effective use of digital platforms, creative use of space and close adeherence to govenrment guidelines.

What we haven't been able to do is run our vitally important end of year fundraising events. The pandemic and lockdown have made this impossible. We need to raise £40,000 in order to secure three months of operational costs and to continue to help the most disadvantaged in our society get the help they need at the point they need it most.

What do we do?

Steps2Recovery is the UK’s only truly independent provider of treatment for ex-prisoners with addiction issues. Our treatment model is unique: all Steps2Recovery’s trustees and highly qualified staff are in abstinence based recovery from addiction - many of us share experiences of the criminal justice system with our clients. 

We run a 12 week abstinence-based treatment programme at our house in Hackney. The Steps2Recovery house has six beds for residential clients (people who would otherwise be homeless) and, in addition, we work with up to six day clients.

Prison and addiction 

So many people, maybe someone you know, end up in prison because of their addiction or alcoholism.

In fact, according to Government figures 55,000 prisoners reported having used drugs in the four weeks before starting their sentence – that’s around 60% of the entire prison population. 

60% of them then go on to be re-convicted within months of release. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that people return so quickly to prison when you consider that many people are immediately homeless on leaving. It’s possible you remember the news story a couple of years ago of a women’s prison in Surrey issuing tents and sleeping bags to homeless prisoners on release. Nothing much has changed.

People leave prison with a government discharge grant for £46 (fixed since 1997) and face lengthy delays in getting the financial support they need to stand any chance at all of a stable start to their life outside.

So, if your only choice is to return to a hostel full of using addicts, to the crack house you lived in before prison or to sleep on the streets it’s not too difficult to understand why, for so many people, the revolving door of addiction and conviction is almost impossible to break.

At Steps2Recovery we break the cycle

Our ethos and treatment programme has genuinely remarkable results.

Over 50% of Steps2Recovery’s clients are still abstinent from drugs and alcohol six months following completing their treatment. 

This compares with a Government figure (via the National Drug Treatment Monitoring Service) of only 7%.

And we’re not only effective, we’re cost effective.

The cost of keeping an addict in prison for 12 weeks is approximately £10,000.

The average cost of rehab is in excess of £15,000

However, it costs just £5,000 to fund a client through the Steps2Recovery 12-week treatment programme and when the programme is complete we guarantee abstinence based move on accommodation to our clients via our relationships with community based housing organisations.

What do we do that’s different and why are we so effective?

As explained, and this can't be emphasised enough, we offer places to people based on need rather than their ability to pay – we fund every place ourselves and don’t depend on Government funding. This means that we can work with clients at the point they’re ready and motivated to make changes rather than when statutory services get around to assessing them. It also means that we have to raise every penny for the cost of treatment ourselves.

We know from our own experience that if people can access the help they need at exactly the point they need it, they have the very best chance of returning to a productive and fulfilling life. 

Unlike many people our clients can’t afford to pay for treatment and, without Steps2Recovery, their only option is to apply for Government funding. The funding process can take months of community based assessments with no guarantees of success. It’s a demoralising process to have to go through. One of our clients, Kelly, told us how she’d been asked the same questions by a stream of assessors so many times that she’d answer their questions before they’d finished asking them. 

Kelly came to us having left prison before immediately returning to drug use and criminality. She was sleeping rough, stealing and begging in order to fund her using. 

In fact, please take a few minutes to let Kelly tell her own story, and the part Steps2Recovery played in it by watching this short film:  Kelly’s story

Since the film was made Kelly is reunited with her family and children and is working on a full time salaried basis as a Recovery Coordinator.

Please give generously and support our work

Covid-19 has turned things upside down in so many ways but for us its meant that we've been denied the opportunity to raise funds in our traditional way at this time of year. Funds that allow us to continue to help people like Kelly turn their lives around.

Please give whatever you can and help us reach our £40,000 target.

Keep safe.


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 This campaign is now closed, and no longer accepting donations.


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Good luck, you are amazing !



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