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St John's Restoration and Development Trust
St John's Restoration and Development Trust
St John's Restoration Appeal

St John's Restoration Appeal

Why we need your help

St John’s Restoration and Development Appeal

Urgent conservation work is needed to maintain the fabric of this unique Grade I listed medieval church. Together with an ambitious new lighting scheme, glazed inner doors and complete redecoration throughout, these works will not only maintain the building for the benefit of future generations, but enhance the visitor experience of all who cherish this special place. 


Our Fundraising Goals

With additional project costs, including scaffolding and fees, amounting to just over £100,00, the total needed to complete these essential conservation repairs and improvements comes to about £350,000.

You can support our appeal by donating through our Virgin Money page, or by sending a cheque payable to the St John’s Restoration and Development Trust.

Schedule of Works

shield T after cold paintingThe Percy Shield
This 15th century piece of stained glass, representing the arms of Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland (1392-1455), has been languishing in a cupboard, together with three Victorian roundels. Having had the glass cleaned and restored, we now want to install it in the south transept, where visitors will be able to appreciate this unique item of local heritage.

Glazed Inner Porch Doors
Replacing the solid wooden doors with glazed doors will enable people to see into the church as they approach it, creating a more attractive and welcoming entrance.

DSCF5589Exterior Glazing and Stonework
The protective glazing on many of the windows has either been damaged or else become severely discoloured with age. Replacing these with new clear panels will greatly improve the appearance of the exterior of the church, whilst at the same time,  enhancing the effect of the stained glass windows inside. in addition, sections of exterior stonework need to be re-pointed, in order to prevent damp affecting the interior, whilst some of the stonework around the windows needs replacing.

DSCF5612The Clock Faces
The faces of the church clock, still wound each week by hand, urgently to be restored before they are damaged beyond repair

Gutters & Downpipes
Exterior ‘rainwater goods’ need to be replaced and upgraded in several locations.

DSCF5574Internal Plasterwork and Redecoration
A number of walls have been affected by damp over the years, and the damaged plaster needs to be removed so that the stone can dry out, before being re-plastered. Finally, the whole of the interior will be redecorated throughout.

Interior Lighting
An ambitious new energy efficient LED lighting scheme is proposed, that will greatly enhance the interior of the building, enabling visitors to enjoy the heritage in a better light. Programmable scenes will allow more creative use of the building, both for church services and cultural events.


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