Vulnerable Youth Christmas Appeal

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Vulnerable Youth Christmas Appeal: Survival Money Skills

 We need your help to bring our life changing debt intervention work to some of the most vulnerable young people in the UK.

Six out of ten vulnerable young people find banks intimidating and unhelpful and are hesitant about asking them for help and information about their finances.  Nearly 70% have never had any financial education even though they want to be better prepared and know more about how to manage their money as they move into adulthood.  

For vulnerable young people, the inability to manage their finances can have serious consequences. For them, it is easier to fall into debt, be scammed, make bad decisions and form poor money habits that will follow them for life.

It’s critical that they have survival money management skills that they can put into action immediately.    

MyBnk’s award-winning money programme Money Works, gives young care leavers, those who are unemployed or not in school, young offenders and young parents the confidence they need to take charge of their futures and live debt-free lives.  

Every hour we spend with a vulnerable young person costs us £16.25.  

Your donation this Christmas will help more young people, like Matt, to learn essential money skills such as how to budget, how to manage household costs, read a bill, choose a savings and current account, and set financial goals for the future.  

Please donate to MyBnk today and help us to change more lives for the better.  

Thank you.


Select the amount you wish to give

£16.25  Provide an hour of face to face support

£130.00  Support one young person to complete the programme

£1600.00  Equip 15 vulnerable young people with vital skills

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Financial education should be on everyones Xmas list !