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Jacob aged 6 years has Cerebral Palsy and in 2017 had an SDR operation to prevent him from becoming a full time wheelchair user.

Physiotherapy post operation is absolutely vital as this makes weak muscles stronger and stops him needing additional surgery.

Jacob has worked incredibly hard at this and is now able to take a few independent steps, he can put his feet flat on the floor something he could not do previously, he now hardly uses his wheelchair and just uses his crutches. He was able to walk his parents down the aisle for their recent wedding renewal.

Jacob's previous fundraising page covered the cost of the surgery £23,000 and 2 years of intensive Phsiotherapy. He will have to have some form of therapy for the rest of his life as there is no cure for Cerebral Palsy.

Jacob needs weekly hydrotherapy sessions and would greatly benefit from a home gym in an outside shed where his parents can continue with all the exercises they have been taught by his therapy practioners, thus saving money.

Please give what you can to make this possible for Jacob.

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