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Watton Rotary Club - Indonesia Shelter Box Appeal

Watton Rotary Club has already pledged 2 X Shelter Boxes from our funds after the Indonesia disaster.  We are hoping that members of the public or any local groups would wish to donate to help us purchase more Shelter Boxes

A Shelter Box costs £590 and Watton Rotary Club will make up the difference from the amount raised on this page to the price of a Shelter Box.

A shelter Box provides a large green box which is useful in itself, a family sized tent, cooking stoves which can also be used as heaters, cooking utensils, tools, solar lighting, thermal blankets, water containers, childrens activity pack, mosquito nets - basically everything to put a roof over your family in the quickest possible time.

Shelter Boxes are already put together and stored at different locations across the world and are already on the ground in Indonesia. 

If you would like further information about Shelter Boxes, please follow this link.


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