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In 2017 we raised money to enable 100  women and carers to receive business training and start up funds to set up their own small businesses. This will change the lives of their families and also stimulate the local economy in Gende Tesfa.

There are still many women in Gende Tesfa who require this support and we want to support a further 100 women in 2018. Can you become part of this amazing success story? Any donation, however small or large, will help us to enable women in Gende tesfa to transform their lives.

Sponsor a woman in Gende Tesfa in Ethiopia - a very poor community affected by leprosy and living in terrible poverty. Your support will mean that a woman can receive business training and a recyclable loan.

How does it work? - For a donation of £100, you could fund a woman's training so that she can start her own business and then receive an interest free loan, which, once paid back, will then be recyled to help other women. Women will meet together once a week and support and learn from each other. Our charity PfC Ethiopia has successfully helped tens of thousands of women in this way. Together we have transformed the lives of their families and changed their status in their households and in their community. 

What you need to do -  Once you have made your donation please be sure to email us at info@pfcethiopia.org and let us know. We will then match you with one of the 28 women and we will then send you updates on her progress.


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Total donations: £3,728.00



£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

Every woman should be given an opportunity to fulfil her potential, and in turn pass on her knowledge, love and friendship to others.

Renee Harris


£200.00 (+ £50.00 giftaid)

Well done Sarah! One amazing lady!



£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

I have just started my own business and want to support another woman to be empowered to do the same!




With very best wishes from the Maidenhead Podiatry and Chiropractic Clinic.

Caroline Christer



A wonderful charity a wonderful cause. With love from Caroline and the team at the Hand Foot and Beauty Studio in Maidenhead.

The Business Girls Network



From one community empowering women to another. Delighted to be able to support such a wonderful initiative. Go Gende Tesfa women! We are right behind you.

Christine Brown


£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

It's a lovely day for a swim-have fun Sarah.



Don't want my name published, but would love to know who I have supported.

Sophie Comas


£300.00 (+ £75.00 giftaid)

We are delighted to sponsor 3 women in their business venture. Please let us know how you get on. Best wishes Sophie, Rimu Marketing

Hardip at Perfect Lovely Cakes


£100.00 (+ £25.00 giftaid)

I happily forfeit a spa day or 1 nice meal out - to help 1 woman feed her family forever. Great cause.


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