Yorkshire Dales Flooding


Due to heavy rainfall on 31st July and 1st August, areas of the Yorkshire Dales, specifically Reeth and Arkengarthdale, have experienced severe damage as a result of flash flooding. Farmers have been left with significant destruction to fields, roads, and bridges; livestock has been lost; and winter fodder and feed destroyed.

It is currently believed that at least 30 farms have suffered severely as a result of these floods, with up to 80 further farms experiencing a lesser degree of damage.

Farms have seen hundreds of sheep lost to the floods, with one farm reporting that they have lost all of their working dogs and pups. Hundreds of bales of hay and haylage have been ruined by the floodwater – in some cases, the entirety of 2019’s crop, which will leave farms with huge feed bills over the winter. Fields are covered in stone, silt, and debris, rendering them completely unusable, and the contamination of these fields may prevent livestock grazing them for years to come.

The cost of this damage will run into the millions; clearing the fields of debris alone will leave bills of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The time, effort and money required to ensure these farms can return to working order will be considerable, and in many instances may take years.

Vast amounts of damage to fields, banking, soils, forage, fences and walls are uninsurable under any insurance claim, so the cost falls directly to the farmer.

In addition to the immediate measurable costs, the impact on the welfare and wellbeing of farmers can be significant and long-term.

The Prince’s Countryside Fund is working with local organisations on the ground to provide financial support to the victims in areas of greatest need. We are asking for your help to supplement the funds we have already committed, which will be used to ensure farms are given the resources and skills needed to rebuild their homes and livelihoods.

If you are able to support this emergency appeal, please donate.

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